Bring in the professionals!

The musings of a HR profession on cleaning contractors.  So why would you want to pay for a cleaning company?  You may be a small company, we can do it ourselves, we have done for years, why change?

All good thoughts, ones a client of ours had.  But what is the alternative?

Bring in the professionals, why? Well most of us know how to put a Hoover over, or polish a desk, surely there is not much more to it?!?  Well there is, which products to use, the right order and timing of cleans.

Someone whose sole job is to get everything clean and sparkling, someone who’s not squeezing it into their ‘core’ work, or leaving it until it’s really bad,images as they don’t want to do the work.

I worked with a client on this debate, an employee cleaned the site as well as working in their production team.  We reviewed where their skills were best suited, what the company needed to maintain their image to clients and contacts, as well as what was needed for employee welfare.

We then reviewed the options of bringing in an employed cleaner or the contracting route.  Along came Lawrence Cleaning, one of networking contacts, and my clients have not looked back since.  The service from the team is wonderful, there have not had any issues with quality of cleaning or the fulfillment of the contract.  Money very well spent.  As for the employee, they are happy, no cleaning, and lots of production work.

Have a think about your options….it makes sense to do what you do and leave the cleaning to the professionals.




I was asked recently why I set up Acorn Support, a question which too me back 5 years.  There were many reasons, but the overriding one being to give back, to small businesses, who needed the support.

Over the years in corporate world I had moved further away from the ‘coal face’ of HR work, and I missed making the difference I knew I could make. The difference that was needed.

During connections with small and medium businesses I knew that often, the employment concerns, or headaches were difficult  to manage.  Often with the thought that ‘there is nothing we can do, employees are protected’.

Acorn Support was born out of the desire to help, to give an alternative view,  a way of remaining a good and fair employer whilst managing difficult situations.  We are passionate about our work and helping our clients in the way they need, as each case requires, in the timescales that are right.

Please let us know your reasons for starting your business or perusing your career.


Employment Law update – October 1st 2014

If you require advice or further information on either of these employment law changes then contact the Acorn Support team: or 01384 823835

Proposed changes to employment law Launch date
 National Minimum Wage increase

£6.50 for workers 21 and over

£5.13 for workers

18-20 yrs
£3.79 for 16-17 yrs olds

£2.73 for apprentices under 19 or 19 and over who are in the first year of apprenticeship


1 October 2014
 Right to time off for antenatal appointments


Under the new shared parental leave it is proposed to allow the husband, civil partner or partner of the pregnant women the right to unpaid time off to attend up to 2 ante-natal appointments.


1 October 2014

September – time for a re-focus?

Are we achieving what we set out to achieve at the start of the year? If not why not? Have our goals changed? Have new opportunities arisen? Have we been working effectively and efficiently enough? What else can we be doing?  Manager / Directors share your vgoalsision of the company with your employees, ask for their input on changes and improvements they would like to see, think about updating all policies and procedures to help with the smooth running of the business. Are there efficiency savings that can be made? What does your marketing and social media plan look like for the rest of the year?

Don’t think you have the time to do this? Think again, the drive and focus a session like this can give you and your business, as long as it is planned effectively, will be invaluable.  The Acorn Support team can help with the planning and facilitation of such an event as well as asking questions you may think are obvious -all you need to do is turn up with an open mind. Email

What’s in a name?

Layout 1What is the story behind your business name?  Why is it important to you?  What does your business name say about you?

When starting a business it’s often the part that takes so long to decide upon, the one everybody has a say about, and the one that can make all the difference to your position in the market place.

So why Acorn Support?  Well I didn’t want my name associated with the business, it may reflect on just me, and not the team that I work with.  I decided against having Human Resources in the name, to provide scope for change, but more importantly for when signing into a visitor book, we all know people who read the signing in book to work out what’s going on.  Ok they could still look up the company, but at least it’s not obvious from the start.

That all being said, we are about support, coaching, mentoring, we area about providing the help and support  that any business needs.  We also believe in businesses that are successful bing organic, growing, expanding, developing in the way that is needed but the business and environment they are in.

Acorns are the start of something big.

From small acorns, large stable oaks will grow…

What’s in your name?