What’s in a name?

Layout 1What is the story behind your business name?  Why is it important to you?  What does your business name say about you?

When starting a business it’s often the part that takes so long to decide upon, the one everybody has a say about, and the one that can make all the difference to your position in the market place.

So why Acorn Support?  Well I didn’t want my name associated with the business, it may reflect on just me, and not the team that I work with.  I decided against having Human Resources in the name, to provide scope for change, but more importantly for when signing into a visitor book, we all know people who read the signing in book to work out what’s going on.  Ok they could still look up the company, but at least it’s not obvious from the start.

That all being said, we are about support, coaching, mentoring, we area about providing the help and support  that any business needs.  We also believe in businesses that are successful bing organic, growing, expanding, developing in the way that is needed but the business and environment they are in.

Acorns are the start of something big.

From small acorns, large stable oaks will grow…

What’s in your name?



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