Bring in the professionals!

The musings of a HR profession on cleaning contractors.  So why would you want to pay for a cleaning company?  You may be a small company, we can do it ourselves, we have done for years, why change?

All good thoughts, ones a client of ours had.  But what is the alternative?

Bring in the professionals, why? Well most of us know how to put a Hoover over, or polish a desk, surely there is not much more to it?!?  Well there is, which products to use, the right order and timing of cleans.

Someone whose sole job is to get everything clean and sparkling, someone who’s not squeezing it into their ‘core’ work, or leaving it until it’s really bad,images as they don’t want to do the work.

I worked with a client on this debate, an employee cleaned the site as well as working in their production team.  We reviewed where their skills were best suited, what the company needed to maintain their image to clients and contacts, as well as what was needed for employee welfare.

We then reviewed the options of bringing in an employed cleaner or the contracting route.  Along came Lawrence Cleaning, one of networking contacts, and my clients have not looked back since.  The service from the team is wonderful, there have not had any issues with quality of cleaning or the fulfillment of the contract.  Money very well spent.  As for the employee, they are happy, no cleaning, and lots of production work.

Have a think about your options….it makes sense to do what you do and leave the cleaning to the professionals.



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