When is a resignation not so simple?

When is a resignation not so simple?  We supported a client recently when an employee resigned, but later wanted to withdraw the resignation and remain with the employee.

The manager allowed the employee several days to be sure they were making the right decision, they still wanted to resign.  They acknowledged the resignation and confirmed the termination date.  Then 2 weeks before the leaving date they informed the manager that they were withdrawing the resignation and would be staying. Plans were in place to recruit a replacement, the team had been informed, the leaving card had been circulated.

What to do…?

The decision was taken that in the grand scheme of things it was in the best interests of the company and the individual to continue with the resignation.  Once one has been submitted and accepted by the Company it is only by mutual agreement that this may be reversed.

If you need support in handling staff resignations, then please get in touch.

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