Disciplinary Hearings

Disciplinary hearings are something that no one likes to do, particularly with an employee whom you have known for a long time.

How do you know when enough is enough?  How do you determine an action has been taken out of intent or not?  How do you ensure you have investigated correctly?

Acorn Support help our clients address these questions and ensure that the process runs smoothly ensuring compliance with procedures and fairness of outcomes.

If the process is not followed correctly, it will put the company on the wrong footing to manage the correct outcome.  Failure to follow a full investigation will demonstrate gaps in your case, and will be unfair to the employee.

Talk to Acorn Support for the advice and guidance on how to approach a case.  We will walk you through each step and provide the necessary documentation.

We also attend hearings with clients should they required the additional support.

Don’t be put off by the process, seek the advice and manage the right and fair outcome for all concerned.

We can support you through this process, please contact us

27 Harvine Walk, Norton, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 3BQ

Tel: 01384 823835

www.acornsupport.co.uk ~ Registered No: 06958004


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