No socialising on social media!

I have been shocked and offended by a comment to a fellow business connection this week.  For a couple of years I have admired and followed with interest their work.  I have been included on their monthly newsletter and liked and shared their social media posts.  However this week I was asked to ‘reframe’ from liking and sharing their posts.   I’m sure you can share my shock and offence!

I asked myself why? What had I done wrong?  How could my support be seen in a negative light?

I have now asked myself what planet are they on?  Why are they on social media if not to share the publicity of their work? Why are they issuing a newsletter if not to publicise their work?  Do they have a social media policy, if so it seriously needs revisiting!

Needless to say it has upset me to think I had been in the wrong but I do stand by the support and sharing the work of my connections, I will continue to do so, but minus this person!!!

Has this happened to you? Or have you ever asked for someone to unfollow you, and stop being so social?

If you would like support with your social media policy, please contact us.

27 Harvine Walk, Norton, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 3BQ

Tel: 01384 823835 ~ Registered No: 06958004


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