Who is your ideal client?

The decisions that we make as a business owner are often difficult on the surface, but when you look into them a little further they are quite straight forward.

Where am I going with this?  Today we took the decision not to quote for a sizable piece of work.

Why you may ask, are we mad?  No we are not.  They did not represent the ideal client that we pride ourselves in working with.  Some of the process we had been along with them, was not as clear as we felt it should have been, and for which we like to work towards.

Following our meetings we understood that they had approached colleagues of ours, and requested they quote for the work again.  Our connections in our business community are very important to us, and we pride ourselves in being open and honest.  We therefore assessed the ideal client, and graciously stepped aside, allowing our colleague, and perhaps others to continue with their actions to secure the business.

We can help you understand who your ideal clients are and when it is right for you to pursue work, or to step aside and focus on your ideal client. If you would like to discuss your ideal client and how you attract them, then contact us.

27 Harvine Walk, Norton, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 3BQ

Tel: 01384 823835

www.acornsupport.co.uk ~ Registered No: 06958004


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