DVLA Licence Counterpart to be Abolished

With effect from 8 June 2015, the paper counterpart to Photocard driving licences will no longer be valid or issued by DVLA.  If you have one at this date, you are advised to destroy it.  For those with the paper licences only, these should be retained until you need to change to a photocard.

What does this mean to individuals?  The information about your licence, the categories of vehicles as well as endorsements/penalty points, will all be accessible on line with a free service.  Alternatively a call to DVLA can provide the information as well.

How about employers?  For those who require employees to drive as part of their work, the employer should ensure that the individual is legally entitled to drive the vehicles for the work, as well as certain information for the insurance of the vehicles.  Most employers will require employees to surrender copies of the photocard licence together with the paper counter part.  From 8 June, this will not be possible.  However, it is possible for the individual to download information from the free online service.  It is also possible for the individual to provide consent to share the driving licence information (for a 72 hour period).

What is important now is to ensure that you meet your legal responsibilities for safe driving, as well as any insurance requirements.  Ensure that your policy and procedures are updated to reflect the change.

If you have any questions regarding the changes, check out www.gov.uk/dvla/nomorecounterpart.

For questions regarding the logistics of the changes needed, please let us take away this headache for you.

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Work Experience, are you prepared?


So you have had the request, either direct from the student, possibly an employee’s relative, or via the school.  But are you ready?  What have you thought about before you receive your work experience student?

As you would expect there are considerations to make when working with or employing children and young people.  There are legal requirements for young people to continue to participate in education or training until 18 (this year).  This doesn’t mean they can’t work, but if they do they have to be receiving training and education.  There are also the minimum wage requirements to ensure you are compliant with as well.

With work experience the thoughts are different, where there is a week or two week placement whilst still in full time education, to gain experience of a working life.  For those of us who have been employees for a number of years, there are many things we take for granted that may not be considered by a young person.

Preparation is essential for both sides, the young person and the employer.  Have you considered:

  • Contact details, of the individual, parent/guardian, school
  • Work that is being carried out
  • Mentor within the workplace
  • Working pattern,
  • Risk assessments for the work being carried out
  • Insurance, training, records
  • Preparing the individual
  • Follow up

This may sound complicated, however, it doesn’t need to be.  Some simple steps, and prepared documents can make the arrangements very easy.  There are a lot of gains that can be made, for the company, colleagues, and of course the student.  If you have any questions, or queries, we are more than happy to help you make these arrangements successful.

Work Experience, are you ready….Student?

So you are going on a work experience placement, are you ready?  Have you organised it with school, or via a family member or friend?  Are there questions you may not have thought to ask?

A work placement can be wonderful for you with your entrance into the work place, especially if you have not been to work before.  Well there are some simple areas you can think about:

  • Who is your contact
  • When to arrive and leave
  • What work will you be doing
  • Who can you ask questions
  • What about lunch
  • Will you need to answer the phone or make the tea?

If you are going on a work placement and want to talk through your preparation we can help

If you’d like to discuss any aspects of undertaking work experience please contact us

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