Employees warm to organisations with family feel

Regardless of how large or small the organisation they work for, the great majority of employees want to work for one that has a “family feel” and is “held together by loyalty and tradition”.

This is according to the Employee Outlook 2015 (Spring) survey, published by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), which reveals a clear mismatch between how employees currently see the culture of their organisation and how they would like it to operate.

While just 26% feel that they are currently working in a “family feel” organisation, more than twice as many (55%) would prefer to do so.

Here at Acorn Support we never tire of talking about how looking after your employees and helping them achieve that illusive work life balance helps to create happy and loyal employees. We are also very lucky to work with many family run businesses who are proactive with offering flexibility to their employees and creating that family feel to their business – but could you do more?

The UK’s leading work-life balance organisation — Working Families — has named this year’s shortlist for its “Top Employers for Working Families Special Awards”. Celebrating and showcasing the policies and practices of employers who offer exceptional flexible and family-friendly workplaces, the UK-wide awards will be contested by organisations from a wide range of sectors and sizes.Do you think your organization is good enough to make the short list?

 If you want support that can help your organisation to develop policies to be a family-friendly employer of choice then please get in touch.

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