How to employ an apprentice

  • Understand what is required for training to constitute an apprenticeship.
  • Be aware of the funding system for apprenticeships in England and the role of the Government’s online apprenticeship service.
  • When selecting an apprenticeship, be aware of the different types and levels of apprenticeshipavailable.
  • Select an appropriate training provider to deliver the apprenticeship training.
  • Select an appropriate end-point assessment organisation to deliver the assessment of the apprentice.
  • Consider how much input the training provider should have in the recruitment of the apprentice.
  • Put an apprenticeship agreement in place, ensuring that it meets the requirements of the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009.
  • Agree a commitment statement with the training provider and the apprentice.
  • Ensure that the apprentice is supervised by experienced and skilled colleagues.
  • Understand that apprentices have broadly the same statutory rights as other employees, including the right to be paid at least the applicable national minimum wage rate.
  • Liaise with the training provider to design an induction period for the apprentice.
  • Deal with any disciplinary or performance issues in accordance with a fair procedure.
  • Understand the organisation’s obligations at the end of the apprenticeship and in a redundancy situation.


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