Help, I’ve lost my mojo!

Where does your drive come from?

What makes you start each day with passion and excitement?

What do you do when your mojo is lost?

Some people are naturally prepossessed with a get up and go, and zest for life. But some people are not, but still manage to tackle each day, and each situation with zeal. What do these people channel to ensure that they keep striving for the best, and don’t let the daily problem grind them down?

I suspect that we only see these people at their best, and if placed in a Big Brother/The Island type situation, we would eventually see that this type of behaviour, 24/7 is difficult to maintain. We all need down time and moments alone to recharge.

What do you enjoy in these times?

Here are some suggestions, let us know what helps you

  • Music – lifts our mood, helps us recall different times and can be a real mood changer. So stick on you favourite track, grab a hair brush (optional) and sing along.
  • Videos of cute pets – have you ever spent time searching on YouTube to be distracted by a cute kitten, cuddly puppy or cheeky panda? Not ideal to be doing in work time, but in your own time a perfect antidote
  • Books – these may be inspirational tales of overcoming adversity, such as I am Malala, they may be a self help style book, for example The Chimp Paradox, or something that removes you far away to a different place, try 50 Beaches to Blow Your Mind. You might also find that reaching to a book to help within your business may help clarify solutions, and make you feel less alone – an old favourite with many being How to Win Friends and Influence People.
  • Inspirational quotes – we love scrolling though Pinterest and it’s quotes, again not in work time! But it’s a feast of quotes, business ideas and mojo enhancing boards and pins. Give it a go and see what you think – here’s our Words of Wisdom board
  • Exercise – many people swear by the power of exercise in mood lifting, and therefore, the mojo finding powers of exercise – whats your go to exercise?

However you find, keep and enhance your mojo, keep doing it!


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Who is your ideal client?

The decisions that we make as a business owner are often difficult on the surface, but when you look into them a little further they are quite straight forward.

Where am I going with this?  Today we took the decision not to quote for a sizable piece of work.

Why you may ask, are we mad?  No we are not.  They did not represent the ideal client that we pride ourselves in working with.  Some of the process we had been along with them, was not as clear as we felt it should have been, and for which we like to work towards.

Following our meetings we understood that they had approached colleagues of ours, and requested they quote for the work again.  Our connections in our business community are very important to us, and we pride ourselves in being open and honest.  We therefore assessed the ideal client, and graciously stepped aside, allowing our colleague, and perhaps others to continue with their actions to secure the business.

We can help you understand who your ideal clients are and when it is right for you to pursue work, or to step aside and focus on your ideal client. If you would like to discuss your ideal client and how you attract them, then contact us.

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September – time for a re-focus?

Are we achieving what we set out to achieve at the start of the year? If not why not? Have our goals changed? Have new opportunities arisen? Have we been working effectively and efficiently enough? What else can we be doing?  Manager / Directors share your vgoalsision of the company with your employees, ask for their input on changes and improvements they would like to see, think about updating all policies and procedures to help with the smooth running of the business. Are there efficiency savings that can be made? What does your marketing and social media plan look like for the rest of the year?

Don’t think you have the time to do this? Think again, the drive and focus a session like this can give you and your business, as long as it is planned effectively, will be invaluable.  The Acorn Support team can help with the planning and facilitation of such an event as well as asking questions you may think are obvious -all you need to do is turn up with an open mind. Email